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So you've found the_oc, the first and largest O.C. fan community on LiveJournal. There are some things you need to know before joining and posting, so do us all a favor and read the rules below.

-- If you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, learn now.

-- If it doesn't pertain to the O.C., don't post it.

-- No promoting communities unless they are related to the show.

-- We have a community FAQ that can answer most of your questions about the music, actors, and episode information from the show. If you make a post asking something that can be answered by the FAQ, I'll politely point you towards the FAQ and then delete your post. With 4000+ members (and counting), we try to keep posts from becoming redundant and clogging your friends pages.

-- For posts about music/songs heard on the show, see musicfromtheoc.

-- Icon posts are now permitted here, but don't forget about oc_icons.

Some O.C.related websites that you might want to check out:
- Inside the OC: A Brazilian Fansite
- The OC Central
- The OC Show
- Other sites are listed in the FAQ.

Have a suggestion for the community? Need to report a problem? You can contact any of the following people: Danielle [owner] or our co-mod: Kelly

Thanks, and enjoy!

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